Clearing A Drug Test Without Home Remedy Is Possible

The generation has taken a leap to another level and the corporate world which is concerned about output and sigma conducts random drug screening to ward off any misconduct and mishap.

Home is where the heart is…the savior are not home remedies:

The myth why one goes for home remedies is, one; because they are not very expensive, two; they are easily available at home or in the local markets, three; they are not harmful as compared to the synthetic products and four; they are easy to use. So, people try below mention rocedures to pass a drug test but fail due to their ignorance:

  • Using the urine of a third person who is not on drugs.
  • Synthetic urine substitutes also do wonders.
  • Drinking lot of water can also flush off the toxic elements.
  • Proper diet and exercise can also help in eradicating the drug present in the body.
  • Intake of diuretic, for example, that will stimulate urination thus helping in flushing the unwanted elements.
  • Regular shampooing can also clear the toxins that get collected daily under the hair follicles.
  • Cut down or stop taking any drug to avoid further complication.

Home remedies do not provide guarantee:

Apart from all the inexpensive detoxing home remedies that claim 100 % passing of any drug test may sometime fail and leave one shattered, however the safe and quite expensive products can prove to be really beneficial without harming the body while flushing all the toxins out and away from the body and help in coming out clean in any drug test.

How to pass a home drug test:

Parents who are aware of the home drug testing kits are far away from the fact that there are home remedies to mask the drug present and which also flushes out the toxins from the body. These home remedies although do not provide full assurance but somehow help you to come clean in certain circumstances:

  • For hair drug test, a vinegar rinse helps in washing off any toxic collected under the hair follicles.
  • Diluting the urine for a urine drug test will lower the chances of drug in the urine.
  • Water intake and consumption can be a good solution as the kidney will dilute the drug, and the chances will be marginal.
  • Another fair home remedy to beat a drug test is to go for herbal cleansing bath that will take off all the toxins from the body leaving it pure and light.
  • Apple cider vinegar taken in its organic form is a very good detox agent that works gently, but slowly.
  • Yoga and also exercising play a vital role in naturally detoxing the body.
  • Proper sleep and rest along with good intake of fruits and vegetables is also essential.
  • Cranberry juice and a diuretic intake which will stimulate urination can also be taken.
  • Cleaning the body by various yoga therapy works wonders as it washes the waste from the body.
  • Keeping the body well hydrated, and light by fewer intakes of processed food and junk food will stimulate the body to shed off the unwanted toxic elements from the human body.

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